Can technology keep up with the rigors of production life?

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Can you keep up with new technology, Technology in the event production world yet alone consumer world?  What is new today may be old tomorrow.
The Jones is falling behind trying to keep up with emerging products, I am sure of it.
The endeavors of the technology pioneers push the limits of a revolving technology door. The production world feels the brunt of it as we are faced to keep up.
These devices are smart, visually arresting, and are easy to get lost just trying to figure out how to manifest the power on button. Some devices carry bizarre and enjoyable media that may float onto a screen in super high defining fidelity and optimized for any screen that the techies themselves have created. They create this and create that over and over, from software to hardware.
Why is change important? Why the need for rapid growth in technology? I, myself, don’t know that answer.
I am just trying to focus on operating on a unit to the most optimum potential during a show.

From a commercial end user, we operators are constantly learning. Learning to troubleshoot user error to operator error (I think those are one in the same). We learn to expand our knowledge. Learn to expand and grow through experience thus contributing to a greater cause that is coherent that most nerds can respect.
See, we are operators. We take those new technology innovations and push those devices to their limits. We take graphic designs and display them in a large format. We change the lighting in a room to create a mood to convey the message of an artist’s song and brand manager’s platform for selling a product.
We set levels on a microphone, we color balance a projector, and focus a light instrument perfectly just for the one moment that single message will inspire and motivate the masses or a few key individuals.
However, we switch the switch, dim the fader and call to lower the curtain yet we take the time for continued education. Yes, most of us read, read a technical manual or take classes on basic technical operations of a new and improved device. We research, repair, diagnosis and adapt in an ever changing world.
We take pride in what we do, to improve how we approach each event and/or production.
Technology enables us operators/technicians in what we do. We create, we learn, we apply elbow grease, we contribute and we share our life’s passion.

Can technology keep up with the rigors of production life?
It is not one in the same, however, simple or complicated a production may be.