Girls Night In

Darvik was given an opportunity to serve as the video vendor on a small tour. The tour was booked for 26 cities all over the United States for a 35 day period. The initial equipment specifications that would be required for the tour were a large projection surface, a projector, device(s) to playback assets according to the script, twitter capture software and one video engineer. There were many unknown elements yet to be discovered and the show was still in the early stages of development through the creative manifestation of phone conferences, emails and group meetings.

During the planning process and script rehearsals we established the equipment and technical requirements that would provide the flexibility that would be require at each venue. Each venue of this tour has its own limitations and capabilities that provided challenges aside from the rigors of the road. Another consideration is the space limitations in the transportation trailer for all the equipment to support the show.

The key was to create a small equipment package yet flexible execute at each venue. The solution Darvik came up with was to pack a compact video processor rack( loaded with video displays, a video switcher, multiple computers and mobile Twitter feed device), a fast fold wide format screen, 12,000 lumen video projector with a back-up unit and a support package within a few rolling support cases.

Lastly, housing and supporting one technician living on a tour bus with 8 other crew members through different time zones and multiple climates seems easy enough. Not to mention the technician has to be ready to go to work in a different city each day. Following daily schedules, setting up equipment, following a script, moderating local Twitter feeds, managing video content then wrap it up at the end of the night and move onto the next city.  One cannot be seasoned and primed for such an adventure yet each time one comes back off the road a little bit wiser than when they started.

The tour went off with great success with all the bumps and grinds that accompany any tour. The equipment and staff made it back safely and in one piece from touring the country. Most of all we overcame adversity from day one and executed through to last curtain call. The take away point is to remain strong and flexible, adept and wise through perseverance and resilience. Anything is possible with quick planning and the right crew.

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