How do you take an empty portion of a warehouse and transform it into a prom? The objective is to create a prom holiday themed party in an open space of a client’s warehouse.

 Upon initial inspection of the warehouse with the client we quickly identified that there was a limited amount resources for the type of event the client wanted to put together.

We made a few suggestions which resulted in establishing enough power resources for this specific event and future events that the client plans to hosts at their warehouse location.

We made several suggestions as to room orientation, stage size and mood lighting. We even created a 3D concept design to layout specific elements of the themed party to share with the client to gain feedback. The client made several changes, additions and through communication we changed to entire room orientation 90 degrees and added other elements that were not discussed in the initial site survey.

The results were stunning to say the least. The client was considerably happy with the hard work and attention to detail. We went above and beyond with the planning, from making suggestion to adding enough power, the event design to the last minute additions, which sometimes occur in these types of circumstances. Taking a creative approach and adapting to the environment is a prominent key to having a successful relationship with a client.