The J. Paul Getty Museum

There are some amazing production companies in the Los Angeles region. There are also some amazing venues throughout the LA region. There are amazing staff at these venues that just stand out from the rest. They make the experience much more welcome in the event industry. Creating and building a relationships with these key individuals is why we enjoy our career path. We have to overcome obstacles both great and small. We work tirelessly in tight spaces to achieve success and desired results. We are truly honored to be among the best.

Below is just a brief example of what it takes besides the sweat, sore feet and long hours of work.

  • Hardline guidelines that is clearly valid because of the nature of a high profile event space. 
  • Reservations in advance attain a reservation parking code.
  • Check in at kiosk
  • Central security check-in and issue of badge to be allowed on property.
  • Escort on property and through all restricted areas.
  • Restrictions and regulations to follow.
  • Set up only between 7 to museum opening and after close till early morning.
  • Can’t do that or this because of a priceless artifact from a famous 19th century sculptor is in the way. Not too close!
  • Power resources; there is enough or not enough.
  • Working around an army of catering staff, decor rental department, props personnel, florist, servers, event staff, watchful security, carts, pipes, light instruments and our own selves.

Tirelessly magic is created in moments of time.
We successfully paint an iconic landmark with splashes of color, taking architecture and transforming the texture with simple accents of light.
The mood was right.
The aroma of the food filled the air.
The music provided a beat and vibe to bounce to.
It was just right.
It could not have happened without special people, plans and the means.

Additional Case Studies: